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The role of antenna in a TV system is to resonate in the required frequency band, i.e. VHF or UHF, and to transfer the signal to a digital TV receiver with the minimal possible loss. Digital TV antenna is a fiction in a sense that it absolutely does not matter whether the signal is digital or analog. It is a role of a DTV receiver to “look” at the actual signal content and to decode it correctly for a television set. Hence, any regular antenna may work as a digital TV antenna.

With the recent digital transition the demand for digital antennas of all kinds has been very high. Many people purchased converter boxes and are now realising that these alone are not enough and that without a good digital antenna they are not going to get all of the channels that they should. Digital television signals work a lot like mobile telephone signals and often buildings and walls block signals greatly. If you are having trouble getting all of the channels that you should be getting a digital TV antenna installed by Best Antenna will go a long way in helping you to recapture the missing channels. Best Antenna can in for you the required to get a rooftop antenna or an amplifier of some sort.


Most of the antennas that are currently used will work with all TVs but not all antennas will work with each person’s location. There are different options regarding antenna strength and how far it can pull signals in from. Some work better in cities while others are made for rural areas. You can also find ones that come with internal amplifiers and ones that do not. You also want to be sure to get one that works with either the UHF or VHF signals you need and HDTV if you want that feature.

There are many different types of antennas and the purchase process can be quite confusing. We highly recommend that you call our friendly team to discuss what practical solutions can best suit your needs.

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